Joya Dass in Conversation with Barbara Zuleger

Barbara Zuleger is the owner of Performance Partners Coaching. She recently took one of her clients from running a six-figure business and helped her scale to seven figures, then diversify into another venture. Here she shares her tips for how to develop and grow your company.

The Seven Building Blocks of Growth

Zuleger suggests seven building…

In this talk, leadership coach Tracey Ward talks to Joya Dass about her seven-step process for building greater self-confidence and combating one’s internal critic.

Like many women, Ward was told by her mother “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything”. Although well-meaning advice, this tendency, when internalized as…

Joya Dass

I am the founder of LadyDrinks, teaching South Asian executive women & founders how to market their most important asset — themselves

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