Being in Awe of Life (and What it can do for your Productivity)

Yoga overlooking the Duomo this week in Florence

Joya Dass
2 min readMay 31, 2023

Yesterday, I went to a yoga class on a rooftop in Florence, overlooking the Duomo at sunset.

It was an @airbnbexperiences suggested by a member of my #Mastermind. I arrived at the address (“we are by Ebys bar” said the email) and waited outside a huge wooden double door — tall enough to allow a horse carriage in. I buzzed in after the instructor Sylvia when she arrived. “You’re early”

I’m always early. Some New York habits die hard, even when I’m in Italy. As we climbed the wide stone stairs, I thought about how many generations of Italian feet came before me.

“Now we take the lift”

The yoga class was on the roof. The lift was the size of sardine can, wide enough to fit two.

“It’s good that we are skinny” Sylvia remarked.

the vista opened onto what I see when I Google “Florence.” Terracotta roofs for as far as the eye can see. And then the mountains. Villas dotted the horizon and then — the most breathtaking part- the Duomo, set against the sky. Just the night before , I stood peering up at it from the base, squinting to make out the detail. Now I was squinting in the blazing sun, about to retire for the evening.

The space is multi use. A cooking class was finishing making tiramisu. Simone the owner talked about getting his PHD in psychiatry as he swiftly swapped out tables for yoga mats. I thought about how creative people can be with business.

We closed our eyes and began class. I kept pinching myself to remember this was real. And to stay present. There came a point where we were on our backs, stretching. A flock of blackbirds circled above and I was reminded to forever be in awe of life.

drjoedispenza talks being in a state where we are in continual awe of our lives. “When we are in a state of awe, we are more open to new possibilities and ideas, and more connected to the present moment and the bigger picture. This can help us break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors and tap into our full potential.”

I head up a business Mastermind called the Samita Lab. It’s 12 months and designed for women leaders. I also lead by an element of adventure. This weeks retreat was deep in the hills of Tuscany. I tacked on a few days by myself to restore — and do reconnaissance for future strategy days with clients

My next experience in Brooklyn Jun 3rd. There is one spot remaining for a woman leader



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