Do you recall a time when you worked with a client you didn’t love? I remember a time I worked with a client I didn’t love.

In 2010, I was producing a documentary. To fundraise for the editing, sound, and color correction work, I created a runway show, featuring 3 sustainable designers. It was the day of the casting for models. We had rented a white space in Tribeca to have the models walk. One designer was late. She made my intern cry. The intern who had gone to pick her up. And her clothing line was suprisingly not good.

I could have dealt with #1 and #3. But I believe in defending my team. Seeing the young girl cry was not okay. I got her side of the story. I called up the third designer to get her side of the story. And then I cut her from the show. She retorted, “This is just not done.”

I quietly replied. “I just did it.”

When thinking about clients to work with, I think about my values. When just starting out, we feel we have to take everything we can get. But, over time, we become painfully aware of the clients that drain our energy. Ask for more and more. We shutter each time we see their name pop up on the caller ID.

I’m interviewing Michael Port, author of “Book Yourself Solid” this Wednesday at 12pm EST. He and I will be sharing his 6 tips for building a system to book clients we love and attracting more of them.

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