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Inside my VIP Day with a client.

VIP Days are for women who can’t be in the 12-month Mastermind, but want to do a one-day intensive with me. Some want to publish case studies. Most want to build thought leadership. In this case, my Montreal client wants to be a thought leader on TV.

Things we are working on:

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What is her expertise or value?

Micheal Steele ran the Republican National Committee before joining MSNBC. Nichole Wallace and Steve Schmidt worked on John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. Both political contributors have ‘boots on the ground’ and ‘behind the scenes’ knowledge to share, when weighing on, say the 2024 election. Which brings me to the next point:

What’s already in the headlines she can speak to?

Commercial real estate is a big topic. Better subsets already in the current conversation are:

  • The Future of Work: Commercial real estate space is lying empty post pandemic. Co working spaces are in high demand. Employees coming in from tertiary cities not only need a desk, they need lodging, high speed wifi, meeting rooms. How are spaces toggling to accommodate all 4?
  • Mixed use facilities: Developments that combine office, retail, and residential are driving demand. People want communities they can walk in and be connected.
  • Warehousing and E commerce. Buying online is through the roof since the pandemic. More companies are expanding warehouses and distribution networks to keep up.
  • Sustainability: Gen Z is perhaps one of the most conscious when it comes to the environment. How is a building environmentally friendly and using sustainable materials in construction? How do you communicate this?
  • What is the intersection of technology and commercial real estate? Virtual reality tours and smart building systems are the order of the day.
  • Data and analytics. How are you using data to imform decisions such as which location to build in or where to negotiate a lease?

In your niches lie the riches. You can also survey the commentators already talking about commercial real estate, and identify where the gaps are. What is an assumption you can challenge? What do most people miss about the industry or any of the topics listed above?

What is a a body of work she can create and generate a following?

When I was sourcing subjects and experts to put in stories for the evening news at NBC, I would scour Lexis-Nexis for articles related to the topic. Who was cited as an expert? Now hunt them down. Today, Lexis-Nexis is gone, but what trade journals or magazines can you be contributing to, to establish you as an expert? How will you come up in my search? So I can hunt you down?

A book. A Youtube Channel. A Blog. A Medium account. Get busy creating any of them. With her, we are working on a steady cadence of thought leadership she will share on LinkedIn, but she can’t stop there. What are her touchpoints with her community? She is sharing it with her network in a weekly newsletter and concluding with “I am available for TV appearances.” Share that your green light is on and this is where you can be contacted.

Can she guest write for a trade journal or publication? A guest article might be a comment piece on a recent news story, an advice column, or a personal essay. Can she be a guest contributor for Entrepreneur and Forbes? (Note: You will have to apply for a particular type of membership and pay an annual fee.) If a network or TV Channel sees that she has a big following and her appearance boosts their ratings or traffic to their website, they are more likely to work with her.

We are working on her ability to pitch. Keep in mind, contributor spots are competitive and not advertised. She has to think through why she needs to share her idea ‘now?’ She will share how her ideas work for that network. Share why she is the right person to speak to it? I encouraged her to think through who the audience is for her message. Not all networks have the same viewers.

We are creating a Media Kit with a bullet points that sum up the key ideas she talks about? Her headshot is from 1999. I am directing a brand photo shoot, with hair, makeup and styling. In the future, we will create a speaking reel from the TV spots she gets and put that on her website. I taught myself video editing during the pandemic, so I’ll edit it together. For now, we are including links to previous articles she has written and her contact details.

We are teaching her to be a proactive expert. She is constantly reading articles about her industry to keep up on trends. The Twitter handle of the reporter is usually at the bottom of an article. I encouraged her to open a Twitter account, tweet him or her. She has to say something specific about the article written to demonstrate she read it, conclude with “I would love to be used as a resource for a future article on _________ topic.”

Introducing her to HARO. HelpaReporter.com is a website where reporters put out flares for stories they are working on. You can set alerts with certain key words for your expertise and respond to them. Here are example flares put out by journalists in July 2022

Tips for Seller Negotiations (FastExpert)

Best CRM for real estate businesses (Anonymous)

FORBES — tips for managing up (Anonymous)

I’m encouraging her to find places in Montreal where she can network with TV professionals. In television, the deadline is always ‘yesterday.’ We want people who know how to dress on camera (no prints, no distracting jewellery), speak in soundbites (I know you want to tell me the story of your life, but you have 2 minutes), available on a moments notice, local, not afraid of early mornings, can be flexible (because things change fast in TV). Do you understand that you are there to serve the TV show’s audience: sharing information with them, entertaining them, or educating them on an issue they care about.

Not sell.

I’ve spent 20 years on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq, delivering hourly reports on the financial markets for major networks (Bloomberg, CNN, ABC, and CBS.) Daily, I interviewed the CEO that was ringing the opening or closing bell.

Pierre Vannineuse, CEO of the Bracknor Group, in Monaco
Interview with the CXO and co founder of Cuyana
On the Floor of the NYSE, with the CEO of Toys R Us Gerald L. Storch
Intervierw with the CEO of Advanced Interactive Gaming Jason Garber, Monaco
Interview with CEO Zorik Gordon, ReachLocal, Nasdaq

Over the last 10 years, I’ve built a business mastermind for women.

👉🏽I drive programming with an element of adventure.
👉🏽I help both corporate women and business owners tell better stories about themselves
👉🏽I push women outside their comfort zone

💪🏼 My portfolio
I am the founder and CEO of the Women’s Leadership Lab, a 12 month business mastermind with a goal to build a powerful personal brand, culminating in a Tedx style talk on a NYC stage.

👉🏽I work with women seeking a promotion to the C Suite
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💥 My results
👉🏽1 Got the job with a 15% pay bump
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👉🏽1 built a $50MM real estate fund
👉🏽1 said ‘yes’ to live television interviews
👉🏽1 got her first check for her startup from the community
👉🏽1 went from commanding $500 to $5000 for her art

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