8 Woman Mastermind Dinner Marrakech at Dar Zellij. Photograph by Zakaria Karouali

Recap 8 Woman Mastermind Dinner Marrakech

Someone asked me, “How do you find the 8 business women who attend the Mastermind dinners you host in different countries?” I’m a journalist. I start by asking, “Who do you know in ________?” In this case, I have the benefit of having a Moroccan woman as a member in my leadership platform. She referred me to one person, who referred me to another person, who shared the contact details of 8 women. I got on the phone with five and shared my vision for the dinner with each. Below is the end result.

Wednesday September 21st, I hosted an 8 woman Mastermind Dinner in Marrakech. Five Moroccan women were in attendance, plus 3 Indian American women from New York. Earlier this summer, In his speech, King Mohammed VI called for the participation of all Moroccans, men and women, in building a developed and advanced Morocco, emphasizing on “the full participation of Moroccan women in all sectors.”

I send a form ahead of the dinner, asking each woman to answer the questions above. This way, we have a more 360 understanding of each woman coming to the table. I published a private landing page with this information, plus company and title. I share it with the group, asking everyone to get familiar with the challenges each woman has put forward.

“Start thinking about possible solutions.”

Once we are done driving, flying, traveling to the table, there is less “discovery” and more discussion of solutions.

The next 8 Woman Mastermind Dinner is in Copenhagen April 2023. joya@joyadass.com for details



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