What My 3 ClientsWill be Working On During their VIP Days in Paris

Joya Dass
2 min readMay 1, 2023
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My Airbnb in the Marais is booked. My flight is booked. Now I’m rolling up my sleeves and getting ready for my 3 client VIP Strategy Days in Paris this June/July.

Client #1 is working on her TedxTalk.
While she works in a corporate space, she wants to give a TedxTalk. But what is it about her zone of genius that has universal appeal? What’s happening in the headlines that her story needs to be told now? Ironically, the ‘gold’ lies in her personal story. She’s working on the courage to tell it. Our work together is connecting the dots to her work now.

Client #2 wants to host more engaging CEO retreats

She’s been in financial services for years. Now, she’s an entrepreneur and designing retreats for other women CEO’s. Sure, there is the standard agenda: ‘Morning keynote speaker. Afternoon panel discussion. Evening campfire dinner. But how does the host infuse magic — — I mean ‘real magic’ — — -into a retreat? Something YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE ROOM FOR. This is something I’ve unlocked and am now teaching.

Client #3 is working on her thought leadership.

She wants to be a spokesperson and an activist for a cause. There are so many things she COULD talk about. The key is to drill down on ONE THING she would talk about. Something repeatable. The opportunities and doors unlock when other people are talking about you in **rooms you’re not in.***

The travel operator I used to work with asked me in 2014, “Why Italy, Joya?” Why not host your retreat someplace domestic? How about Connecticut?

I remember the first time I took a group to India. It was December 2010. I was directing and producing a documentary. It was 8 weeks on the ground in Tamil Nadu. I observed how the 5 men in the film crew did not return the same men who boarded the flight at JFK eight weeks before. They were indelibly changed after the trip. Their relationships to one another changed. Their relationships with themselves changed. They discovered new things about themselves. I saw the power in that.

That’s why I’m so passionate about doing my strategy work in other countries. New context. New perspectives. Away from the routine and demands of daily life.

Do you want to be indelibly changed ?I’m in Paris for 4 weeks. I can take one more client. Join the waitlist here.

A little audio from me on why I chose Paris to do this brand of client work.



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